Programme, 9 february 2018


Day 2 | ‘Get ready for UPP’ Bootcamp

At the time of the conference the Sunrise register will be open. Therefore we have developed the ‘Get ready for UPP’ Bootcamp. You will get a checklist of all you have to do before the introduction and the procedures, divisions, costs and litigation as soon the UPC starts.

> Will you opt-out or opt-in? Or a combination?
> And if you have decided, do you know exactly how to register to opt-in or opt-out and what is the time shedule?
> Do you know how to handle if you are sued for the UPC?
> How do you select the forum that is best for your case?
> Could you be sued in a language you don’t understand?


9.00 hrs | Registration and morning coffee
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9.30 hrs | Opening, welcome and short introduction by the Chairman: Wouter Pors, Partner, Bird & Bird
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9.35 hrs | Part 1: Why opt-in or opt-out and how?

Checklist & Time line

> What needs to be done before the start of UP and UPC?
> How to opt-in or opt-out? When does the Sunrise register starts and when will it close?
> What are the consequences if you opt-out? Can you opt-in on a later moment?

Bas Pinckaers, Head of Patent Department, Van Doorne
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11.05 hrs | Coffee and tea break

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11.30 hrs | Part 2: Checklist of what to be done asap

> Case management system (get to know the system, registration as ‘representative’ for the CMS)
> Registration as representative before the UPC (for opt-out and for litigation)
> Check on license agreements
> Postpone grants of your European patent applications
> Patent portfolio management (which cases to opt out, when to file for unitary effect?)
> Is your docketing system up to speed? How about your administrative employees?
> Overseas territories (Isle of Man, Dutch Caribbean islands, French Caribbean islands, Greenland?)

Bart van Wezenbeek, Senior associate and Dutch and European patent attorney, V.O.
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13.00 hrs | Lunch
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14.00 hrs | Part 3 : Part 3: Proceeding at the UPC

How to prepare your portfolio and your strategy for the new opportunities and challenges?

> Combining litigation at the UPC and nationalcourts
> The divisions of the Court, their locations, languages and ‘couleur locale’
> Coordination, bifurcation, stays and speed of proceedings
> How to plan your litigation and deal with the judge-rapporteur
> The requirements for court submissions – the so-called “Statements” – and for filing evidence; building electronic files for online submnission
> Using the online case management system Preliminary and permanent injunctions, seizure of evidence, ex parte measures & protective letters
> Preliminary and permanent injunctions, seizure of evidence, ex parte measures & protective letters

Wouter Pors, Partner, Bird & Bird

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15.30 hrs |  Coffee and tea break
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16.00 hrs | Part 4: What will be the final costs?

> What will be the cost of an Unitary Patent?
> Costs for validation including translation costs, publication fees, and attorney fees?
> National validations of EP versus costs obtaining UP
> Renewal fees, including related transactional costs of EP and UP

Hans Hutter, Partner and Dutch and European Patent Attorney, NLO
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17.30 hrs | Closing words by Chairman & drinks

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