Plans for training of judges Unified Patent Court are ready

Source: Kluwer Patent Blog Despite the uncertainty about what will happen in Germany with the Unified Patent Court Agreement, the UK is heading for ratification of the UPCA and preparations for the court are going on. In the UK, the legislative steps have been completed and it is expected the UK will complete all formalities by depositing […]

Preparatory Committee hopes Unified Patent Court to open its doors in 2018

Source: Kluwer Patent Blog It is difficult to predict a new timeline for the start of the Unified Patent Court, due to the case pending in the German Federal Constitutional Court. In the meantime, the UPC Preparatory Committee is using the additional time available to prepare the functionality of the Court. Chairman Alexander Ramsay has […]

Industry call on member states to join the Unified Patent Court

Source: Kluwer Patent Blog Ahead of the meeting of the EU Competitiveness Council, 30 November and 1 December 2017 in Brussels, a group of European companies and associations have sent a letter to EU member states urging them to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement and join the Protocol on Provisional Application (PPA) as soon […]

‘Opposition against Unitary Patent comes from fearful lawyers and critics who only have a theoretical interest’

Source: Kluwer Patent Blog All Union law arguments against the Unitary Patent system, that are now on the table again because of the German constitutional complaint, have already been rejected in the recent past. Wouter Pors, partner of Bird & Bird, has said this in an interview with Kluwer IP Law. Pors hopes the Federal Constitutional […]

‘Future judges of the Unified Patent Court will be very motivated to make the court work’

Source: Kluwer Patent Blog In the first period of functioning of the Unified Patent Court, the judge-rapporteur – who has important powers in the new system – should as much as possible revert issues to the panel of judges as a whole. This is beneficial for the system and can prevent forum shopping, according to the […]

Judges will have to help build the Unified Patent Court – and the IT system must work!

Once the UPC opens its doors, expectedly on 1 December 2017, a whole new European patent system will start taking shape. An exciting challenge for the future judges of the court, who will have to bring into practice a set of brand new Rules of Procedure and find common ground despite their different backgrounds and […]

The next steps for UPC Agreement to entry into force in 2017

Interview with Francesco Macchetta, Director Intellectual Property, Bracco Group, Italy. We asked Francesco about the announcement on ratifying UPCA by The UK Government and about problems with the systems that maybe will appear after UK will leave the EU. In an interview on 21 November 2016 Francesco outlined his clear preference for UPCA entering into force, […]

Judge Grabinski: ‘Involvement UK is very positive for Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent’

There is a lot of enthusiasm among German patent judges, in particular but not only the younger ones, for the Unitary Patent system and the Unified Patent Court, according to Dr. Klaus Grabinski, Judge of the Federal Court of Justice of Karlsruhe in Germany and speaker of the Unitary Patent Package Conference. In an interview […]

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